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Web Presence – Social Media

The more frequently you are mentioned on the internet, the more search engines will assume you are relevant when people search for your name or business. One of the quickest ways to start creating an online presence by spreading your name or brand around, is to create social media accounts. LinkedIn, Google + and Facebook are perhaps the most obvious to start with.

Creating an Online Presence

The online image that people and businesses present, is one of the most important considerations for success in the digital age. Think about it for a moment – Want a suggestion for a good restaurant? Google it! Want a recommendation for a product? Check the Amazon reviews!

Compact cameras: Getting the best out of them

Compact cameras (the point and shoot kind that fit in your pocket and have one fixed lens) are budget friendly and easy to travel with. Generally speaking, you just set it to auto, point it at something and press the big button right? But some times you want that extra bit of clarity in your pictures – a bit more quality or deeper colours. Here are a few easy tips to get the best out of even the most basic cameras!

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