Discover New Interests

A Place for Learning Something New

meHobby is my very own brainchild in the making. The idea is to provide a simple way to discover new and interesting pastimes. Articles on the site are aimed at passing on low cost ways to try things out and not making large financial commitments by buying equipment. Later posts will look at ways of making money from your interests and interviews with people already doing so.

The Design

The site is designed with a rich colour scheme that pays attention to visual psychology. For example blue suggests trust worthiness, finance and freedom (look at logos for banks and you will see what I mean!). Orange is associated with fun and good value. It quickly informs the user what the purpose of the website is and has a “call to action” button right at the start, encouraging the viewer to continue further.

Design Elements

Mobile Friendly

The site uses a responsive design, adapting to look great on mobile phones and tablets

Clean & Simple Layout

Clear and easy to read. Plenty of white space to give everything room to breathe. No clutter to distract the causal browser. Zen.

Social Media Integration

Social media buttons allow for easy sharing and following to increase traffic.

The categories section of the site uses a grid based layout to make navigation more intriguing. The grid also suggests related posts at each level of category to capture the attention of viewers as they browse.

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