The online image that people and businesses present, is one of the most important considerations for success in the digital age. Think about it for a moment – Want a suggestion for a good restaurant? Google it! Want a recommendation for a product? Check the Amazon reviews!

If someone wants the lowdown on you or your business, you better believe they’re going to Google you.
Your online portrayal will be used by potential customers, employers, clients and so on. Maybe even prospective friends and acquaintances!

Try Googling your name. What comes up? If you have a common name, chances are you’re lost in a sea of bits and pieces about other John smiths. If you have a less common name, you might be looking at your embarrassing Facebook pics. Alternatively you may find that someone who shares your name has already created a strong web presence, that totally shadows you out. This is possibly the most difficult situation to be in as you are already behind the competition.

Web presence falls into 4 main categories – Websites, social media, mailing lists & content on other sites (like Youtube videos or guest posts on other peoples blogs). Having all of these things in place is a pretty good way to start building up your online image.

I have to admit; I don’t have very much web presence yet. I really haven’t done a lot to make myself more visible and it’s a little embarrassing. I think it’s time to change that. Care to join me? I’ll update you as I go along – with the details of how I create my own online presence. This will create a formula that you can follow to to the same, helping you increase customers or look appealing to employers.

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