The more frequently you are mentioned on the internet, the more search engines will assume you are relevant when people search for your name or business. One of the quickest ways to start creating an online presence by spreading your name or brand around, is to create social media accounts. LinkedIn, Google + and Facebook are perhaps the most obvious to start with.

LinkedIn IconLinkedIn is perhaps the most important because its exact purpose is to create a professional profile for networking with clients and employers online. You can create a personal profile, which is similar in function to a résumé or CV, then network with people and employers, search job listings and endorse colleges/friends. If you have a business you can also create a company profile to attract and engage with clients, advertise job vacancies and so on.

Google Plus IconGoogle + (Google Plus) is a social networking site much like Facebook. It’s not as popular for socialising, but it is great for creating a business minded profile and it will be favoured by Google search results.

Facebook IconA Facebook business page is a great way to stir up interest in your business and draw traffic to your website. Remember to post regularly to keep people interested and gain new followers. The Picture above shows my newly created Facebook Business page.

Remember with each of these to go through and fill out your profile as much as possible and to make yourself sound favourable to people reading it. You can also add links to your other profiles and your website if you have one. The more links that Google finds to your website or other social media profiles, the higher those pages rank in Google’s search results.

Next up – Creating a personal or business website

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